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Camping in Kasol

Swiss Cottage Tent

Luxury camping in Kasol

About the Swiss Cottage Tent

Enjoy luxury camping in Kasol at our boutique riverside property. Live in these camps for a perfect blend of adventure and comfort. Equipped with a queen-size bed, necessary amenities, and an attached washroom. Our Swiss Cottage tents are a perfect choice for camping in Kasol. An idle space for two individuals. You can enjoy the view of the majestic Parvati River, a soothing bonfire, and delicious food. The sound of the Parvati River and the cool breeze from the deodar jungle nourish one’s soul, and we promise you an unforgettable camping experience in Kasol.

Why Choose Parvati Kuteer?

Parvati Kuteer has been a riverside boutique property since 1990. About 2 kilometers before Kasol main market, the property is away from all the hustle and bustle and enjoys seclusion and peace that is guarded by long pine trees. The spread-out cottages ensure that the personal space and privacy of guests are maintained.

The melodious sound of flowing water from the river, the chirping of birds, and the songs of cricket compose a continuous music playing throughout the seasons. Long pine trees, with their deep forest green, have a mystical effect. A soothing bonfire, with its luminous and playful flame, transcends the viewer in a different world. 

The personal care of the host and the delicious multi-cuisine food make for a peaceful, comfortable, and rejuvenating mountain retreat. Stay in Kasol with us and give us the opportunity to host you in our humble abode.

What our property offers

Highspeed Wifi

Riverside Walk

Bonfire Area

Curated Menu

Kettle in Room

Room Service

We Are A...

Pet Friendly

Couple Friendly

Family Friendly

Tarrif Overview

Total Guests

2 Guests


₹6000 + 12% GST

Added rates would apply for added services or beds




Unique & Special Stay.
What makes us different?

Experience the best camping in Kasol.

A peaceful stay

One of the only places in Kasol to offer peaceful, calm and private stay away from the hustle bustle of the market and masses.

Enjoy the seclusion of Parvati Valley.

Close to nature

Undisturbed natural landscape of the property and surrounding forest provides an immersive experience of Kasol.

Peeking into the beauty of Parvati Valley.

Sounds of Parvati

One can constantly listen to the melodious music of the flowing river water, chirping of birds, orchestra of crickets and crackling of wood.

Sounds of Parvati Valley.

Cozy and comfortable

Slip away in leisure. Sit in your private area outside your cottage or around the warm soothing bonfire.

Harmony of Parvati Valley.

Replenish and rejuvenate

A perfect space to connect with your friends, family or your-self. Drift away with the swaying of leaves, fill your cup.

Find yourself in Parvati Valley.

A personal touch

Dedicated host and team that will ensure good hygiene, cleanliness and focused attention to all your needs.

A home in Parvati Valley.


Experiences in
Parvati Kuteer

Experiences that make you stay unique in comparison to hotels in Kasol.

Leisure & Unwinding

Hidden Waterfall in Kasol

Private River Trail

Culinary experience


by our Guests

“Beautiful place which gives you a completely comforting feel. Cottages are beautiful and tent experience is super amazing too!"

Lubna Rehman

Verified Customer

“The place has a vibe you won't witness in many stays near by Kasol. You could also take a little stroll down to the river. Cheers!“

Madhur Kala

Verified Customer

"Beautiful, classic and soulful property away from main Kasol but still in close proximity. Offers a beautiful river trail, perfect for Family and Couples."

Ashish Chauhan

Verified Customer

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A peaceful mountain resort nestled among tall pine trees and by the river. Your serene escape awaits.

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