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Camping in Parvati Valley

Kutla Village Trek

A travel guide for kutla Village in Parvati valley. One of the best destination for camping in Parvati Valley.

Kutla Village is a hidden gem in Parvati Valley. One of the most offbeat and less explored villages is accessible by a two-hour trek from Tosh.

About Kutla Village Trek

Kutla : Kutla in Kulvi means a grazing ground for goats and other cattle. Usually, Kutla from different villages is placed above them. Tosh Kutla has become famous amongst travellers for its captivating beauty, memorable meadows with alpine flowers and old forest. The green meadow of Kutla is dotted with rocks, a water stream and small camping sites.

Trek To Kutla : Enthralling and exciting trek starts from Tosh and takes the traveller along the Tosh river to the high grounds. One crosses a serene and beautiful waterfall, along which are small eateries and pitch stops. The trek is easy on the self and hardly feels difficult in front of the excitement, happiness and joy that the rich atmosphere on the trek brings.

Bhudavan : A magical forest about 2 hours above Kutla. It is literally called Bhudavan (the old forest). The long old pine trees are like time machines take traveller into a different world where everything appears ancient and untouched by human civilisation. The moss that grows in the forest emits a radiant light. the dense forest speaks to the traveller in whispers that can only be understood by a language of peace and calm.

What makes Kutla Village Trek special?

(1) One of the most beautiful and hidden gem in Parvati Valley.

(2) A high-altitude meadow with alpine flowers and an old forest.

(3) The trek to Kutla is captivating in it’s beauty and rewarding in its short trek.

(4) In close proximity to kutla is the revered old forest, known as ‘Bhudhavan”.

(5) Kutla is one of the best destination to experience camping in Parvati Valley.

Location: Kutla, Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 2 hours to 3 hours one way
Difficulty: Medium
View: Mountain, River, Waterfalls, Forest & Valley.
Height: 2650 M
Experience: Adventure, Outdoors, Trekking, Unwinding, Nature and Camping

Travel Itinerary

  1. Tosh to Kutla

  2. Kutla

  3. Kutla to bhudavan


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