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Things to do in kasol

Parvati valley is a pristine river valley with a serene atmosphere. Adorned with picturesque villages, unique cafes, hot springs, temples and beautiful meadows.

Cozy nights, Bonfire with some Great Company

Experience the magic of gathering around a bonfire at Parvati Kuteer Kasol. Feel the warmth, hear the crackling, and cherish the cozy glow. Unforgettable bonfire experience in kasol await!

Indulge in amazing Culinary Experience

Discover mouthwatering multi-cuisine at Parvati Kuteer. Fresh herbs from the garden elevate Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian, & Lebanese dishes. Fresh artisanal delights awaits.

Refreshing riverside walks, enjoy Enchanting Nature

An exclusive and private riverside walk to the enchanting Parvati River. Embrace nature's serenity with every step, relishing the beauty of this breathtaking journey. Walking along the parvatri river is an experience in kasol you can't miss.

Captivating hidden waterfall Refresh Away

Embrace nature's solitude at the secluded waterfall near the resort. Hike in nature to refresh and rejuvenate in the cool embrace of the crystal-clear waters. Let us share such hidden experiences in kasol.

Work from mountains Mountain Productivity

Enjoy Tranquility, fresh air, and focus. A dedicated wifi, seclusion of your cottage space and all the other necessary amenities for a focused and productive work. Experience the breaking away from the routine and yet be close to all you need to be productive.

Calming highs, with some Enigmatic plants

It is an ancient knowledge that Deodar and other Himalayan coniferous trees / plants release healing medicine in air. Breathing such herbal air heals. An experience in kasol, well you know better.

Day Hikes & Excursions, Adventure Awaits

Enjoy the thrill of hiking and exploring new meadows, villages and ancient temples around Kasol, Parvati Valley. The team will consult with you on making the best itinerary as per your preference. Enjoy the delight of travelling and have a great experience in kasol.


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