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Paragliding in kasol

Mountain Paragliding

Travel guide for adventure activity in Kasol. Paragliding in kasol for an unforgettable mountain vacation.

Paragliding in Kasol or Parvati Valley is possible in nearby locations. Gharsa Valley is the nearest point for memorable and exhilarating experience of Parvati Valley.

About Paragliding In Kasol

Paragliding : Paragliding is an adventure sport of flying light weight, motorless, manual aircraft gliders. The sport can be done individually or with the presence of a professional pilot who attaches the secondary person to the glider and themselves with secure and tight harnesses.

Paragliding involves 3 major steps :

1. Take off : The traveller and the pilot runs down a mountain slope on an elevated height.
2. The flight : The trained pilot manoeuvres through the sky. Maintaining a steady free flight and gradually descending the height.
3. Landing : Finally, the pilot touch downs on an open ground safe for landing with minimum impact. The pilot guides the traveller on steps how to achieve the safe and minimum impact landing.

Paragliding in the Mountains : Paragliding in the mountains is widespread famous as it provides a suitable launching space, flying space and landing space. It is also a very memorable experience. Mighty mountains as backdrops, cold breeze and the sensation of cutting through sky makes it a lifetime experience.

Paragliding in Kasol : The nearest point for Paragliding in Kasol or Parvati Valley is Near Gharsa which is approximately 45 KM away. The flying height is Approx. 2500 M and landing height is of 1300 M. One can see the meandering Beas river, surrounding riverside small towns, the Himalayan range of Manali, Parvati Valley, stretching towards Mandi.

What makes Paragliding in Kasol special?

(1). Paragliding is one of the safest air-sports.
(2) paragliding provides a bird’s eye view of the river, valley and mountains. An unforgettable experience.
(3) Paragliding provides a life changing experience of free flight or weightlessness.

Location: Kasol, Parvati valley, Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 5 Hours to 6 Hours
Difficulty: Moderate
View: Bird's eye view, Mountains, River, Forest & Valley.
Height: 2500 M to 1300 M
Experience: Adventure, Thrilling, Out Doors, Exhilarating & Nature

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