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River rafing in Kasol

Beas River Rafting

River rafing in Kasol, A water adventure activity that happens on Beas River.

River rafting in the white water of Himalayas, with mountains and ever green forest backgrounds is one of the most beautiful adventure experience.

About River Rafting in Beas River

Beas River river rafting is one of the most preferred river rafting stretch in Himachal Pradesh. The stretch is gradient in rapids. The rapid level 1, 2 and 3 are sufficiently spread out in the river. This means that both experienced and inexperienced travellers can enjoy river rafting in Beas river.

River rafting in Beas river enjoys a thrilling and exciting stretch of 14 KM from Pirdi to Jhiri. The rapids in Zone 3 are what are called white rapids. this stretch enjoys many such white rapid points. Beas river rafting is also considered the safest river rafting destination in Himachal Pradesh.

Kasol to Beas River Rafting : The starting point for river rafting is about 43 KM away. The road is scenic and can be covered through the Jia-Kullu-Manali highway in less then 2 Hours.

What makes River Rafting in Beas river special?

(1) River rafting stretch with various rapid zones.
(2) Rapid zones 1 and 2 for mild rapids and Rapid zone 3 for white rapids.
(3) Beautiful mountains, the airport, Kullu Town, and Bhuntar Town as backdrops.
(4) The road from Kasol to the river rafting point is scenic and enjoyable.

Location: Kullu
Duration: 5 Hours to 6 Hours
Difficulty: Moderate
View: Mountains, River, Forest, Town, Airport and Nature
Height: 1300 M
Experience: Water Adventure, Thrilling, Out Doors & Exciting

Travel Itinerary

  1. Kasol to Pridhi

  2. Pridhi to Jhiri

  3. Jhiri to Kasol


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