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Biking in Kasol

Biking in Parvati Valley

Biking / Motorcycling / Riding in Kasol, Parvati Valley. A memorable experience in Parvati valley.

Renting / Riding a bike in Parvati Valley

Riding in Parvati Valley : Parvati Valley offers numerous motorcycle roads that are open to day hikes. The most famous ones are:

1. Kasol to Malana (almost 20 KM one side). A beautiful road with numerous turns and bends. The thrilling road shifts from an altitude of 1580 m (Kasol) to 2600 M (Malana Parking Point). Followed by a nice hike to the village.The approximate riding duration is 1 hour, one side.

2. Kasol to Tosh (almost 20 KM one side). An enthralling ride to the last motorable point in Parvati Valley. The ride shifts from a height of 1580 M (kasol) to 2400 M (Tosh). One leaves the river behind to reach a beautiful height. Tosh offers vast and open view of the valley. The approximate riding duration is 1 hour, one side.

What makes the experience of motorcycling in Parvati Valley special?

Motorcycling in Parvati Valley is special for its exhilarating routes, winding through picturesque landscapes. It offers a unique connection with nature, serene villages, and remote trails, providing an unforgettable adventure, a great experience in Parvati Valley. The thrill of exploring hidden gems like Manikaran, Tosh, and Malana on two wheels makes it a truly extraordinary experience for bikers and nature enthusiasts alike. One of the best experiences in Parvati Valley is to explore it by riding like a free bird.

Location: Kasol, Malana, Manikaran & Tosh
Duration: Approx 1 hour one side.
Difficulty: Moderate
View: River, Mountain, Valley & Forest
Height: 1500 M - 2500 M Approx.
Experience: Adventure

Travel Itinerary

  1. Kasol Market

  2. Inspect

  3. Bike Riding


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