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Trekking in Kasol

Bijli Mahadev Day Hike

A high altitude meadow with Panoramic view. Go to one of the best trekking destination in kasol.

A high altitude meadow with panoramic view of Parvati Valley, Kullu and manali. Enjoy trekking in kasol by going to this mystical destination.

About Bijli Mahadev Day Hike

Bijli Mahadev : A high altitude meadow at a height of 2460 M. Bijli Mahadev enjoys a 360-degree view with a spread out meadow. The view consists of endless Himalayan

Riverside walks and nature walks are a wonderful way to experience nature and immerse yourself in the peaceful surroundings. Walking along Parvati river provides a calming and serene atmosphere, with the sound of the flowing water and the lush greenery on both sides of the riverbanks.

Road to Bijli Mahadev : Approximately 50 KM away from Kasol. The road stretches along Patvati river, ascends into apple orchards and reaches heights from which the expanse of Kullu valley can be observed. The road is narrow and thrilling. Idle for bikers and road enthusiasts.

The hike is 40–60 minutes long, with small pitch stops for breaks. It is moderately easy with less inclination and feels more like a walk in nature. One can observe numerous enchanting view throughout the trail.

The Temple : Bijli Mahadev temple is historical and deeply intertwined in the culture of Himachal. The myth goes as, the old mystical temple is struck by lightning in every 12 years. The Shivling made out of butter, crumbles inside the temple. the same Shivling is then reconstructed. There are long Trishul / Trident looking over the captivating Parvati Valley and swaying in air.

What makes the Bijli Mahadev Day Hike Special?

(1) A high-altitude meadow with a 360-degree panoramic view of Parvati Valley. One of the only destinations in Kasol, Parvati Valley, where the entire valley with its endless Himalayan range can be observed.

(2) A culturally and mythologically rich destination. The old temple, traditional stone carved idols, and the mythological story are priceless.

(3) Easy, rewarding trek with pitch stops and easy access. One can enjoy great vistas throughout the trek.

(4) Bijli Mahadev is a lesser known destination for trekking in Kasol. It is highly rewarding and very difficult to forget afterwards.

Location: Bijli Mahadev, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 5 Hour to 6 Hours
Difficulty: Moderate
View: River, Mountain, Forest, Meadow, Villages, Apple Orchards & Panoramic View
Height: 2438 M
Experience: Adventure, Outdoor, Trekking, Spiritual & Thrilling

Travel Itinerary

  1. Kasol to Bijli Mahadev

  2. Bijli Mahadev Meadow

  3. Parvati Kuteer Kasol


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