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Attractions in Parvati Valley

Kalga Day hike

Kalga is a quaint little village with apple orchards, meadows and lush green forest. Enjoy such attractions in parvati valley.

A day travel guide for Kalga Village. Enjoy a trip to this apple orchard village with tiny houses that merge well with the landscape.

About Kalga Village Day Hike

Kalga Village : Kalga is a small mountain village situated at a height of 2280 M. About 20 KM away from Kasol Town, Kalga is a picturesque village adorned with apple orchards and small eateries. In the meadows above the village, which is idle for nature walks and easy hikes, Kalga looks over the Tosh village and a beautiful Himalayan range. Surrounded by long pine forest and mighty peaks of Parvati valley.

Meadows Above Kalga : Kalga is surrounded by beautiful meadows, idle for strolling in nature. There are two important meadows. One of which falls on the way to Kheer Ganga and other which falls on the way to Kutla. Both of the meadows are dotted with boulders and rocks. The meadows welcome the traveller with cool mountain breeze from the pine forest and the embrace of a lush green nature.

Sunset In Kalga : Kalga is gifted with one of the most beautiful sunsets in Parvati Valley. One can sit on the rock and wait for the vista to take over. Watching the sunset in Kalga is one of the most beautiful spectacle in Parvati valley.

Barsheni Dam : Kalga Village is next to the Barsheni Dam. A traveller can watch the calm waters of the dam touch the still mountains. In winter, the water reflects the sky and offers a sight hard to forget.

What Makes Kalga Village Day Hike Special?

  1. Kalga is a small,quaint,t picturesque village with apple orchards.
  2. Kalga is surrounded by meadows, which are idle for nature walks.
  3. Kalga’s vegetation is rich and takes pride in lush green nature with very long and old pine trees.
  4. Kalga’s hike is easy for travellers and the visual reward is much higher
  5. Kalga observes a beautiful sunsets.
Location: Kalga, Parvati valley, Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 3 hour to 4 hour
Difficulty: Beginner
View: AtV3Tjmi4YmpJFX9aSsFAv6GWMsz2yyPua4aJPhTE3pR
Height: 2200 M
Experience: Adventure, Outdoor, Soothing, Nature, Relaxing and Serene

Travel Itinerary

  1. kasol to Kalga

  2. Kalga village hike from Barsheni Dam

  3. Kalga Village

  4. Meadows above Kalga

  5. Parvati Kuteer Kasol


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