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Trekking in Parvati Valley

Kheer Ganga Trek

Kheer Ganga is a high altitude meadow with hot spring in Parvati Valley. Trekking in Parvati Valley is one of the best ways to explore the valley.

A travel guide of Kheer Ganga. A high-altitude meadow with a hot spring and numerous rock boulders. One of the most beautiful treks in Parvati valley.

About Kheer Ganga Trek

Kheer Ganga : is a high-altitude meadow with a height of 2956 m. The meadow is surrounded by steep peaks, feels like a paradise protected by the mighty mountains. Kheer Ganga is one of the most popular trekking destinations.

Hot Spring In Kheer Ganga : It is a therapeutic experience to bathe in the hot water after the tiresome trek. The muscle relaxes and one comes out afresh, energised and shining. tiredness of the trek and the relaxing power of hot spring rejuvenate the travellers body and mind.

Trekking Route to Kheer Ganga : There are two trekking routes in Kheerganga, crossing through a rich and enchanting forest. There are numerous small pitch stops with tea and Maggi points. A lot of travellers prefer to climb up from one side and come down from the other.

1. Kalga – Kheer Ganga Route : Kalga-Kheer Ganga is 9 KM long and this route crosses from the more densely thick forest. Travellers prefer this route to climb up as it is shorter in distance.

2. Nagthan-Rudrath- Kheer Ganga Route : This route is 11 km long and crosses Nagthan Village. Which is a small Himalayan village with traditional houses. On the route is a snake like waterfall called Rudranath. A small bridge connects Rudranath with the Kalga-Kheer Ganga Route. This Route is more rocky in terrain and is easier to climb down then to climb up.

Spiritual and Mythological Significance: Kheer Ganga has a Shiva Temple just above the hot spring. Before Kheer Ganga became famous as a tourist destination it was only trekked by pilgrims who came to Kheer Ganga to bathe in the hot water spring as a spiritual endeavour.

As per mythology…

The Cave Above Kheer Ganga: Kartikey Cave is believed to be the destination where Lord kartikey, son of shiva meditated for 1000 Years. It is also believed this cave has a secret passage to Mantalai Glacier. Which is 5 days of trek ahead of Kheer Ganga.

the cave also gives a good vantage point to look over the Kheer Ganga in its entirety.

Camping In Kheer Ganga : Kheer Ganga has numerous camping options available. For the most part of the year one can just go directly and book a camp of their liking. Though the best of the camps are always pre-booked. Parvati Kuteer has tie-ups with the best and most professional individuals in the entire Valley. So we suggest booking camping with our preferred partner in advance.

What makes Kheer Ganga Trek Special

(1) High Altitude meadow with alpine flowers and lush green nature.

(2) Natural sulphur hot water spring with therapeutic significance.

(3) The most famous trek of Parvati Valley.

(4) Shiva Temple and Kartikey Cave make kheer Ganga an important religious and spiritual destination.

(5) Camping in kheer Ganga is one of the most sought experiences in Parvati valley.

Location: Kheer Ganga, Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 5 Hour to 6 Hour trek one way.
Difficulty: Difficult
View: Nature, River, Waterfalls, Meadows, Nature and Panoramic View.
Height: 2956 M
Experience: Adventure, Outdoor, Trekking, Therapeutic, Spiritual and Nature

Travel Itinerary

  1. kasol to Barsheni

  2. Option 1 Barsheni to Kalga - Kheer Ganga Trek route

  3. option 2 Barsheni to Nagthan - Rudranath - Kheer Ganga Trek route

  4. Kheerganga Hot spring


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