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Villages in Parvati Valley

Grahan Village Trek

Travel guide for Grahan Village. Village in Parvati Valley offer a window into the cultural and social lives of the locals.

Grahan is the first destination on the Surpass trek route. Kasol is about 9 KM away. Grahan is a trek worthy Himalayan village in Parvati valley.

About the Grahan Village Day hike

Grahan : Village is a quaint Himalayan Village with snowcapped mountains on the periphery. The traveller’s village is first destination on the Sar Pass Trek. It is famous in the trekker’s circle and is one of the most trekked destination in Parvati Valley.

Drive to Grahan : About half the distance from Kasol to Grahan can be covered in a 4X4 Vehicle. The adventurous drive is thrilling and rewarding. One crosses the small water break (water body) known as the Grahan Nala. there are a few waterfalls and numerous places to go dip in the water.

Trek to Grahan : The trek is comparatively easy and takes around 2 hours to reach the village. It is a joy to see a village hidden behind the curtains of mountains slowly reveal itself to the trekker.

Scenery : Grahan enjoys the vistas of snow covered Himalayan peaks, A big sky above, a border of Long pine trees, and a lush green forest. Small Himalayan houses and a traditionally built Himalayan temple.

Cafes in Grahan : Small cafes with a limited menu expands the joy of being in an offbeat destination. Numerous of them enjoy a serene view. A few of them also serve the traditional Kulvi food known as Sidu.

What makes Grahan Village Special

(1) A quaint Himalayan Village with a rewarding hike.

(2) A thrilling 4X4 drive till the trekking point.

(3) Beautiful vistas of the surrounding snow capped mountains.

(4) Small cafes and eateries in such a serene location is a travel worthy experience.

(5) The trek is easy and can be covered in 1 hour to 2 hours.

Location: Grahan Village
Duration: 5 hours to 6 Hours both way.
Difficulty: easy
View: River, Waterfalls, Forest, Mountains, Village & Temple.
Height: 2347 M
Experience: Adventure, Out Doors, Active, Trekking, Traditional, Unwinding & Nature

Travel Itinerary

  1. Kasol To Grahan Trekking point

  2. Grahan Trekking Point to Grahan Village

  3. Grahan Village


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