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Experiences in Kasol

Chalal Katagla River Trail

Chalal and katagla are two quaint villages adjacent to Kasol. The river trails offers a great walking experience in Kasol.

Nature and riverside walk around Kasol. A beautiful trail with small cafes and numerous picturesque turns next to the captivating beauty of the Parvati River. A great experience in kasol.

About Chalal Katagla Parvati River Trail

Chalal Village: A small village along the Parvati river. With small tea and Maggi points. Approximately 500 M away from Kasol. Goes through a soothing pine forest. Experience walking through the woods.

katagla Village: A small village with cafes and brilliant views. Approximately 3 KM away from Kasol. Katagla enjoys the pleasure of literally being on the bank of Parvati river. Experience a cherishing walk along the Parvati river.

Kasol : One can also stop at Kasol before or after the walk for a heartfelt meal in the cafes.

What makes Chalal Katagla Parvati River Trail special?

(01) The Chalal Katagla Trail offers an immersive experience of walking in Nature, strolling along the river.

(02) Marvel at the snow-clad mountains while enjoying the tranquilly of pine forests. Enjoy the experience of observing nature.

(03) Enjoy the delight of small tea shops and riverside cafes. Highlight your culinary experience in Kasol by enjoying food with a great view.

(04) Have one of the best experiences in Kasol by walking this 3–4 km of river trail. This trail gives you the opportunity to discover Kasol, Katagla, and Chalal at the same time.

Location: Kasol, Chalal & Katagla, Parvati valley, Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 1 hour to 2 hour
Difficulty: Beginner
View: River, Mountain, Forest, Villages, Town and Valley View
Height: 1580 M
Experience: Culinary, Unwind, Thrilling, Satisfying, Relaxing and Adventurous

Travel Itinerary

  1. Kasol

  2. Chalal

  3. Shani Mandir


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